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Anne-Marie Verdel (1978)

“Nature does not judge, it just is”

Ever since Anne-Marie was a small child she loves to draw and paint. She grew up in tropical Borneo, instilling in her a great love for nature, animals, forests, sunsets and the sea. They moved back to the Netherlands when she was nine. Later on she obtained her Masters in Sinology at the University of Leiden, and spent years working in China and Paris. At the moment Anne-Marie Verdel lives in Heesch, the Netherlands. Throughout her life she learnt the craft of painting by attending art schools in Leiden, Haarlem and Paris. After an international business career, she decided to follow her heart and became a painter.

Anne-Marie Verdel her paintings are figurative, and her technique has evolved throughout the years from realistic to a more impressionist style, especially in the playing field between subject and background.

She is inspired by nature and animals. In her work she explores the balance between light and darkness, and she tries to listen to the spiritual meaning, myths and symbolism of animals that come into her life, either in real life (like the robins and many other birds that visit her garden every day), or the animals that visit her in her dreams. Anne-Marie believes everything caries meaning, and nothing is coincidence.

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