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Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi is an Iranian artist born in Teheran in 1979. He started his artistic career in Iran, studying as a painter at the Art University in Tehran and improving his education at the Brera Academy of Milan in Italy, where he graduated in Fine Arts in 2017. He is currently conducting his research at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, rooted into socio-cultural, artistic and relational integration, developed by using different contemporary art languages such as painting, site-specific installations and performances.

​Mahmoud’s artistic expression delves into his ethnicity, historical roots, and traditions, enriching them with diverse concepts. His art offers a visionary synthesis of the past and future possibilities, merging the traditions of multiple cultures he has encountered with innovative ideas and an inquiry into aesthetics.

Intrigued and captivated by intrinsic beauty, Mahmoud commences his artistic process with solid materials, treating them with reverence, embracing their raw textures, and the narratives they carry within. Every material holds boundless potential, resulting in harmonious creations imbued with a personal and cultural-historical essence. Despite their apparent simplicity and modesty, his paradoxically intricate works radiate personality, evoking curiosity and culminating in contemporary, conceptual artworks that are minimalist, abstract, and iconographically compelling.

Having resided in Milan for the past decade, Mahmoud diligently forged a concrete artistic language, fusing Persian and Western legacies. His inspiration stems from specific memories and concepts derived from the diverse cultures he encounters. His creations resonate with universal languages, such as mathematics and the interplay of positive and negative space, skillfully combining form and rhythm.

With a belief in the power of art to narrate stories and influence societal realities and individual lives, Mahmoud grounds his work in sociological reflections on the particular societal situations he encounters, transforming them into a visual language.

In the midst of the initial lockdown of 2020, Mahmoud embarked on a new chapter in Antwerp. This fresh context expanded his visual perspectives, opening doors to diverse viewpoints and creative possibilities.

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