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Marjolein Loppies

Marjolein Loppies has been photographing for more than 30 years and for the past few years she has been focussing on abandoned objects in Belgium, Italy, (Eastern) Germany and Luxembourg amongst others, so called urbex-photography (a.k.a. urban exploration). By means of digital techniques she transforms her pictures in to works of art, life after people.

Marjolein Loppies, “Taking pictures of abandoned objects is much like traveling through time. You have no idea what happened but whilst taking pictures and soaking up the relics around you, you can fantasize and make up any (hi)story you want!
When you walk through the empty hallways, the echoes of the once bustling voices are no more than a very distant memory. When you close your eyes you can almost hear them. Why did people leave these magnificent places behind, why was there no one to rescue these places from falling back into the hands of nature? All the love that man once invested in each rock and piece of marble is gone with the wind.

If only I had a bag full of money -and more than one life-… Wouldn’t it be amazing to bring all these places back to life?

Or should we just watch and be amazed how nature takes back what was once hers to begin with…”

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