Angelique Brunas

Angelique Brunas vertelt over haarzelf:

“I was born on a foggy evening 23rd September in the Netherlands. My real name is Angelique but friends and family call me Liek. I’ve never followed the crowd, love all kinds of people but I have a problem with people that don’t have their own opinion and I hate it if people don’t tell me what they really think, better yet how they really feel. I do not judge people by raise, religion or sexual interest but I do judge people that try to be someone else. I am open minded and friends and family say I’m a nice non-complicated person as long as people don’t step on my heart or try to make my life miserable. If they do I can be very hateful.

For as long as I can remember, creativity has always been a way for me to express myself. I think my hands and creative mind are the best tools given to me (thanks mom and dad ♥️). When I was a little kid I always thought about being a hairdresser, so when I grew up I got all diplomas needed and became one. I’ve never worked in a hair studio but I did work in our family company that my dad started in 1962. It was an import and export company for aryls and satellite dishes for radio – TV and the internet.

I am a mom of 2 boys, Kevin and Bo. Both gorgeous kids with a bit too much of a temper ? Besides being a mom and hairdresser I also love everything about photography. I’ve never taken any classes for it and I hardly ever read tutorials. I love making my own textures and I intent to learn more about it along the way. I never paint or draw anything on paper but since I’ve learned a bit about PS and PSP I’m always playing with my pictures and digital works.”


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